We provide a broad suite of software covering different areas of electronic document management. Our software suite comprises of document scanning software, forms processing, data extraction software and software for the search and retrieval of electronic documents.


Using professional capture software allows you to efficiently perform some tasks while scanning. Capture software allows you to

  • Scan or import different formats of documents eg. TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP etc
  • Scan and automatically separate documents into single or multiple paged documents
  • Automatically Scan and separate multiple batches in a single run
  • Automatically separate documents or batches
  • Perform quality control to identify and adjust challenging images without rescanning
  • Efficiently scan mixed types of documents in one batch
  • Quickly index documents e.g using database lookup and OCR


Kodak Capture Pro - Kodak Capture Pro Software lets you quickly convert paper documents to high-quality images. It is used for scanning and importing documents, automatic and manual indexing, quality control, and output to other systems.

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Capture Pro enables you to:

  • Supports a wide format of documents i.e TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP, GIF, CMP, IOCA, and MO:DCA files
  • Perform quality control on indexed documents thereby reducing indexing errors
  • Optimise the quality of scanned images through enhancements (e.g auto-crop ,deskew)
  • Output documents larger than 200 inches long to PDF
  • Output electronic documents into multiple destinations
  • Integrate with MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT and other Enterprise Content Management systems
  • Scan in a networked environment using a predefined/ customised menu therefore allowing for standardization within an Organisation


Diamond Vision -


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Abbyy Flexicapture 10.0 Software - Abbyy Flexicapture is data extraction software. It converts scanned PDFs documents into searchable and editable documents with unsurpassed accuracy while managing to retain the layout of the original document.

Abbyy Flexicapture 10 software allows you to

  • Automatically bring in scanned document from remote locations or “hot folders” for centralralised processing
  • Process and extract the data from hand filled forms as quickly as possible
  • Output electronic documents into multiple destinations



Elo Document Management Software -
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Elo software Is a robust Document Management System which can be used in Midsized to large organisations.

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It is flexible, easy to use and has an intuitive graphical user interface.

Elo is a Platform and database independent system and has a web-based module.

Documentum Document Management Software - Documentum is our Enterprise Document Management System.

It is designed to provide you with the ideal means to leverage your information assets by easily accessing all electronically captured documents.  It allows all business documents within an organisation to be consistently stored and easily retrieved. Documentum allows a limitless number of documents, folders, indexing fields, storage features and versions to be stored within the system.

Our Enterprise solution offers extensive control over the vast daily paper work generated in institutions, firms, banks or governmental setup in a secure yet highly accessible environment.

Dokmee Document Management Software


Capture Pro Auto Import Edition Software

Auto Import software allows you to seamlessly achieve streamlined production capture of documents and data in a distributed environment.

Auto Import can be configured to

  • Automatically connect with designated “hot folders” on a network (instead of connecting to a scanner) and continuously bring in images into Capture Pro Software for processing and output.
  • Create a new batch or document for each sub-folder of images imported.
  • Create a new document for each image file (e.g., multi-page TIFF or PDF) imported.


+ Capture Pro Indexing Software

Kodak SharePoint Solutions

Kodak and Microsoft work together to design, develop and deploy solutions that help companies around the world reduce costs, improve profitability and maintain compliance efforts. Together they help customers capture the billions of pages that are generated every year and migrate them into the SHAREPOINT environment where they are used in vertical and horizontal solutions that solve specific business challenges.

Kodak Document Viewer Software - Kodak Document Viewer Software is designed to accelerate how documents can be found and viewed in Microsoft SharePoint.

Our solution delivers full screen and thumbnail views (regardless of size) making information in Microsoft SharePoint extremely easy to view. Document preview also integrates with all document libraries, SharePoint lists and search results, allowing users to quickly browse any document content before deciding to open or download the actual document.

This software can be integrated with Sharepoint and will allow users to;

  • Open documents and obtain graphic previews directly in SharePoint without native applications required; viewer is embedded in Microsoft SharePoint
  • View document full page or as page thumbnails
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Kodak Document Viewer never runs into compatibility issues since it works with many browsers and supports over 300 document formats

Kodak Scan and View Software - Kodak Scan and View Software adds powerful document imaging & collaboration to your Microsoft SharePoint solution.

Kadak Scan and View Software is an all-in-one scanning, viewing and editing solution built into the Microsoft SharePoint interface that makes collaboration simple and allows customers to add paper documents to SharePoint libraries through the user’s browser.

Its Easy to use tools enable users to scan into SharePoint and search, view, edit, annotate and share documents in hundreds of formats.

The Scan and View Software allows you to:

  • Preview, view and process TIFFs , PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, DICOM and over 300 other document formats
  • Scan or Import  and kick off workflow tasks
  • Simply scan without invoking a separate scanning application
  • Edit metadata for easy storage and retrieval
  • Annotate, markup and share for effective collaboration
  • Flexibly sort search results
  • Search using multiple columns with “AND” and “OR” operators and date ranges; specifying searches documents based on stored metadata
  • Perform document Clean up such as border removal, page deskew, punch hole removal, split and merge
  • Easily rearrange and delete pages in preview or full view with drag and drop commands

A great companion product to any of the other Kodak scanning solutions such as Kodak Capture Pro Software or can be used as the sole solution for ad hoc document capture needs for SharePoint.

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