Service Agreement

On-site Service contract options

Docuscan Support Service saves time for the Core Business process and improves ROI on platform investment.

Docuscan SWAP+ Extension of the warranty to 36 months. Hotline support during office hours. In the case of a failure report received before 1 pm, a replacement device will be supplied within 1–3 working days. You keep the replacement device. All transport and repair costs are included in the Docuscan SWAP+. The first replacement device is supplied with a new product-specific consumable kit, free of charge. Personal and workgroup scanners only

Docuscan 8+8 Guaranteed availability of your components A service engineer will be with you on-site within 8 working hours of your call with our control team. In the unlikely event that the device cannot be repaired, we guarantee delivery of a replacement device within 8 working hours. To avoid this kind of failure in the first place, an annual preventive maintenance check2 is included. Any required replacements of consumables3 would be carried out immediately.

Can you afford not to take out a contract? Docuscan services are available for many areas in Nigeria and Africa. Contact us for details!

(1) valid in conjunction with our contractual terms & conditions

(2) only valid for document scanners

(3) according to the list of consumables for scanner models specified here: Consumable kit list

Benefits Outsourcing of entire product lifecycle management

Price advantage and price guarantee over the contract time (1 year to x years)

No additional efforts after the 1st year

No additional costs for potential pre-inspections after expired contracts

Easy to budget - up-front investment only for one year

PM Docuscan Flat Rate Services: Service protects the value of your entire DMS investment on a sustained basis – not only the scanner. A badly maintained scanner compromises the image quality and with it the entire workflow through inaccurate classification and indexing. You can even jeopardize your corporate compliance standards and regulatory requirements because of missing or lost documents, e. g. due to a barcode not being recognized correctly. Thanks to the Docuscan Flat Rate Service, you don't have to worry about that. Request a no obligation quote for your platform.

Docuscan Remote Support services is available on request.


Contact Info

: Docuscan Africa Limited. No 1B Robson Close Simisola Estate, Apapa.

: +234 706 908 0900

: +234 802 430 0055